What is Nomad Nation?

Nomad Nation is a collection of merch and apparel created for organizations & content creators within the travel community. We partner with brands to create and offer merchandise to their fans and followers in one central place. 

Who is behind Nomad Nation?

Nomad Nation was founded and created by Brandon & Brit Cave and is a sibling organization to Nomadic Souls Gear (also created by Brandon & Brit Cave). 

The Caves have been nomads since July of 2015 with their 3 children. Since before they left North Dallas, they have owned and operated a media production business, offering many services to their clients, but primarily creating graphics in the marketing, communication, branding, printing, and merchandise niches. They have since co-created many books and merchandise in the travel niche and most of those are in the Nomadic Souls Gear collection. Brandon was the originator of the funny shirt "Sorry For What I Said While We Were Trying To Park The Camper" that went viral in recent years, and he was also the creator of The Ultimate RV Logbook that has quickly climbed to be a regularly top selling book on Amazon since it was published in December 2018, and is now offered with multiple cover designs.  

In early 2020, when Brandon and Brit set out to expand their merchandise offerings to other content creators in the travel niche, they decided that a new brand, Nomad Nation, would be the ideal way to partner with others to meet the needs of many and help grow the nomad community, culture, and spirit.

Brandon has been a part of the full-time travel community since becoming a full-timer RVer himself, helping moderate in Facebook groups with Fulltime Families, creating graphics and media for many of their larger events, and appearing in interviews with RVing Dads, The RV Entrepreneur, Ditching Suburbia, and The Nomadic Professional

As of 2020, the Caves have traveled to all of the lower 48 states, 29 of 62 National Parks (a couple of those twice!), and about 80 different NPS sites (Memorials, Monuments, Historic Sites, etc). They have fallen in love with touring America; from the wide open & gorgeous west coast, to the forests, cliffs, and lakes in Upper Michigan, to the turquoise waters of the Florida Keys, and onward east to plenty of American history and many timeless lighthouses on the eastern shorelines, with a special place in Brandon's heart for Portland Head Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. 

Giving Back

Our National Parks give us so much. However, the National Park Service is consistently underfunded. There are currently BILLIONS of dollars in deferred maintenance waiting to be completed. We are one of many private organizations that have decided to help do something about that. Every month, we donate a percentage of every sale to a different park. Read more about our Give Back Program here.