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      Why give back?

      Our National Parks Service gives us so much. Our founders, Brandon & Brit, have had the privilege to visit about half of our National Parks in their travels and have absolutely fell in love with them. But, they have also discovered that as a country, we don’t do enough to support the amazing landscapes that America's nature has provided for us. The National Park Service is consistently underfunded. There are currently BILLIONS of dollars in deferred maintenance waiting to be completed. We are one of many private organizations that have decided to help do something about that. 

      How do we donate?

      Nomad Nation Gear works a little differently than other apparel companies that support our National Parks Service. Each month, our team selects a park or entity and we make a donation directly.

      New Park Every Month

      Every sale we make helps fund our national parks. Every month, with your help, we select a National Parks Service entity (National Park, National Seashore, Monument, etc) and make a donation directly to that entity. Please send us a message and let us know which organization you think we should donate to next month! (See the bottom of this page for an archive of places we've selected each month)

      How should you donate?

      Making purchases through Nomad Nation Gear is one simple way to be a part of giving back. We believe it is important for businesses to give back to various charitable organizations, as we are doing in this way, but clearly the most efficient method of helping our national parks is by donating directly. This way, 100% of the money you donate will go to the park you choose. We encourage you to visit nps.gov to make your direct contribution.

      Why Print On Demand?

      Stated simply: Less Waste. A lot less waste. We reduce waste as a business by only printing the products ordered and we feel this is another small part of how we give back. We do not have an inventory full of shirts, hoodies, or other products that could potentially end up in a landfill.

      Have a question or suggestion?

      We would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions about giving back to the NPS. Please send us a message!

      Parks Selected

      July 2021: Voyageurs NP via Voyageurs Conservancy
      June 2021: Mt Rushmore via M.R. Society (Monumental Movie Campaign)
      May 2021: Glacier NP via GNP Conservancy
      Apr 2021: Grand Teton NP via GTNP Foundation
      Mar 2021: Grand Canyon NP via Grand Canyon Conservancy
      Feb 2021: White Sands NP given directly
      Jan 2021: Great Sand Dunes NP via Friends of the Dunes
      Dec 2020: Big Bend NP via Big Bend Conservancy (Castolon Recovery Fund)
      Nov 2020: Dry Tortugas NP via Florida NPS Association
      Oct 2020: Rocky Mountain NP - Fire Restoration Fund